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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pet the Dog

Pet the Dog is a funk rock band out of Los Angeles, California. The band consists of Mathieu Brousseau on lead vocals and guitar, Zach Mayberry on bass guitar and vocals, Matt Molloy on lead guitar and vocals, Tyler Burdick on drums, and Andrew Litton on guitar. The Band has been quoted as having a "Red Hot Chili Peppers with a dash of Incubus" vibe Band is currently nominated for Best Rock Song, "Fiend" at The Hollywood Music In Media Awards Pet The Dog featured at song on MTV's Real World Sydney.
The band is currently touring and gaining positive reviews and radio air time.
Members of Pet the Dog, "one of the first bands" sponsored by Cali Green Clothing Company, are obligated to wear Cali Green Clothing.

Pet the Dog has three out of five members that attended Indiana University at Bloomington. It is not clear whether they knew each other at the time. Zach Mayberry played with Matt briefly prior to his joining of Suicide Holiday. After Zach left Suicide Holiday, due to creative differences he joined up with Matt and started writing new tracks. Andrew "Lit" Litton was Zach's roommate at the time and they started jamming together with Matt. At this point they decided to join the Pet the Dog team. Tyler Burdick and Matt Molloy were in a metal band together and after they saw an add in craigslist they both joined Pet the Dog.

Mathieu Brousseau
Mathieu "Matt" Brousseau is the lead singer and guitar player of Pet the Dog. Matt was born June 29, 1982 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Matt has lived in New York, Indiana, and California. While living in Indiana, Matt attended Indiana University at Bloomington. Matt attended IU with future members of Pet the Dog; Zach Mayberry and Andrew "Lit" Litton. It is unclear whether they knew each other in college or not. Matt is fluent in French, it can be heard on track "Une Vie De Raves" off album, "In a Perfect World.

Zach Mayberry
Zachary Joseph Mayberry (born April 27, 1982), better known as Zach Mayberry is an American bass player, singer, and songwriter for Pet the Dog. Zach is the previous bass player for Suicide Holiday (now known as Krash Karma). Zach grew up in Indiana. He attended Indiana University. Zach owns a booking agency, Rarely Wrong Booking and works alongside former Blue Label Records (Ronnie King) executive Sean Couevas. Zach plays an XT Eagle BC Rich Bass guitar and a woodgrain Warwick Bass (Warwick-Owned by BC Rich).
Zach lives in Hollywood, CA and lives with band mate Andrew Litton. Zach has a brindle pit bull, Brody that the bands emblem was taken from his outline. Zach is currently sponsored by BC Rich guitars.

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